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19. November 2014

Kaufverträge über Vermögenswerte der Hansa Group AG und deren Tochtergesellschaften abgeschlossen zum Artikel

Own brands

To complement the own brands available to discounters Europe-wide, LUHNS for the first time unveiled private label products at the PLMA in Amsterdam in 2009. With the rich traditions of the Abrador, Lunessa and Lunika labels, we have not only selected proud names for the design of our new products, we have also launched an up-to-the-minute basic range for the cleaning and care of fabrics and the home. In parallel, the Carava label stands for a highly versatile range of body-care specialities. Our portfolio of detergent, cleaning and cosmetic products simultaneously provides an insight into the capabilities and diversity of our range. Simply click on a name to learn about the corresponding products. The product flyer also provides more detailed information.


Luhns product range (EN) [1.4 MB]



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