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19. November 2014

Kaufverträge über Vermögenswerte der Hansa Group AG und deren Tochtergesellschaften abgeschlossen zum Artikel

About us

The Company

LUHNS GmbH, a long-established producer of detergents and cosmetics, supplies a range of all-in solutions for individual market-orientated product features, specializing in own brands. LUHNS products have had a permanent presence on the shelves of discount chains in the detergent, domestic and body-care product sector for decades. The company's customers include virtually all of Europe's well known discounters.

In addition to all liquid detergents and dishwashing products, fabric softeners and laundry care specialities, our portfolio also includes the entire range of standard detergents and cleaning agents, plus an extensive selection of special cleaning products. In the field of hair- and body-care, we naturally produce high-quality shampoos and other hair care and conditioner products, as well as shower and bath gels and cosmetics. Our range is regularly augmented with new developments in high-quality complementary and add-on innovations.

LUHNS now comprises a production facility at Greven, Germany, and the administrative center at Duisburg. In 2009, 320 employees achieved a total turnover of some 170 million euro. With an annual production exceeding 200 million units, LUHNS is one of Europe's top players in detergent products and cosmetics.



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